Limited edition Steuben Glass sculpture, “Blue Sky Mausoleum” 14 inches tall by 4.5 inches deep


To celebrate your association with Blue Sky Mausoleum, Forest Lawn, and Frank Lloyd Wright, we have commissioned a Steuben Glass sculpture, “Blue Sky Mausoleum,” emblematic of your purchase. It is our fond wish that it will grace your home with exquisite beauty and evoke enduring memories of Blue Sky and all that it means to you.

Designed by sculptor David P. Dowler, this pristinely clear, elegant, cut and polished crystal column is made entirely by hand at Steuben Glass. It evokes the geometric form of Wright's Blue Sky Mausoleum and reflects transcendence and organic form in harmony with nature – fundamental Wright concepts. The stepped surfaces and the sides of the monolith are lightly textured, like the Bethel white granite used in the Blue Sky Mausoleum. The image is reflected throughout the sculpture, repeating and floating within the crystal.

Twenty-four will be provided exclusively to purchasers of crypts, one will be permanently displayed at Forest Lawn, and one will be made available for exhibition in galleries and museums throughout the world.

David Dowler owns a distinguished place among American artists. Most of his work is crafted in Steuben, America's finest crystal. His sculptures appear in permanent collections of major museums worldwide.

Each limited edition Steuben sculpture will be hand signed in diamond point, with the following: Steuben; David Dowler; Blue Sky Mausoleum; Frank Lloyd Wright; and the edition number corresponding to the number of your crypt.

This limited edition crystal sculpture, "Blue Sky Mausoleum," was on view for a limited time at Steuben's flagship store at Madison Avenue and 62nd Street (street level), New York City.


Blue Sky Mausoleum of Frank Lloyd Wright is a handsome hardcover book written by Richard O. Reisem, architectural historian. Renowned architectural critic Philip Nobel provides the book's introduction.

You will receive a copy of this book, which contains engagingly told stories of Blue Sky Mausoleum, Frank Lloyd Wright, Darwin D. Martin, and Forest Lawn Cemetery. Blue Sky Mausoleum of Frank Lloyd Wright is backed by thorough scholarship and is beautifully illustrated throughout.